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The Open Secret - in Dutch
Het open geheim

Purchasing - All There Is in Dutch 

Note: In Holland, All There Is comprises two books titled Nobody Here and Nobody There
Niemand hier (white cover) 
ISBN 90-77228-11-X
Niemand daar (black cover) 
ISBN 90-77228-19-5

This Freedom - in Dutch
Over vrijheid gesproken
ISBN: 978-94-91411-43-4 

Alles en Niets

Dialogen uit bijeenkomsten in Europa

ISBN: 978-90-77228-73-9

All titles in Dutch are published by Samsara Uitgeverij B.V. email:

As It Is - in Dutch
Zoals Het Is
ISBN: 90-77228-05-5 


All There Is - in German
Das Ist Es
ISBN 978-3-933496-86-7

The Open Secret - in German
Das offene Geheimnis
ISBN 978-3-89901-700-7

Nothing Being Everything - in German
Einfach nur Dies
ISBN 978-3-89901-145-6

This Freedom - in German
Diese Freiheit
ISBN 978-3-95883-094-3

For more information see the J.Kamphausen Publishing website: or


The Open Secret - in French
Ce Qui Est
ISBN: 2-86316-084-2

All There Is - in French
Tout Ce Qui Est
ISBN: 978-2-86316-139-5

This Freedom - in French
Cette Liberte
ISBN: 978-2-86316-273-6

These can be ordered from Editions Accarias L'Originel at:


The Open Secret - in Spanish
ISBN - 84-8445-064-3

Nothing Being Everything - in Spanish ISBN: 978-84-8445-259-1

These can be purchased from Alfaomega at

All There Is - in Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-937667-9-5
This can be purchased from the Trompe de Elefanta website:


The Open Secret - in India
ISBN - 978-81-88479-41-2

Published by Yogi Impressions at:


Purchasing Nothing Being Everything in Russian 
ISBN: 978-5-98882-073-4

Published by: Ganga Publishing


Nothing Being Everything - in Italian 
ISBN: 978-88-88718-15-6

Published by Laris Editrice


The Open Secret - in Greek
ISBN - 978-960-8448-14-8

Publisher: Eonios Iniohos

Nothing Being Everything - in Greek
ISBN - 978-960-8448-15-5

Publisher: Eonios Iniohos


As it is - in Portuguese
ISBN - 978-85-63802-00-2

Published by Iluminata


The Open Secret - in Japanese
ISBN - 978-4-86451-225-1

Published by Natural Spirit Publishing

Nothing Being Everything - in Japanese

Published by Natural Spirit Publishing


The Open Secret - in Czech
ISBN - 978-80-7500-280-8

Published by Maitrea