Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we are either cancelling or postponing meetings until further notice. We will keep you updated, here on our website, as the situation unfolds. Meanwhile Tony is holding online meetings, please see Zoom Meetings page for details.  Tony and Claire



LONDON, Open Discussion: Saturday 4 July  CANCELLED

ONLINE MEETING - 11th July, 10.30am - 12.00 BST, further information



LONDON, Open Discussion: Saturday 1 August

GERMANY RESIDENTIALSunday 16 August to Thursday 20 August

Please read the update below if you are planning to attend this event:

With regard to our upcoming 4-day August residential planned for Kisslegg in Germany, it is unfortunately not yet clear, due to the continuing uncertain Covid situation, whether we will go ahead with this event. We are very much dependent upon further details from the venue regarding the extent of any restrictions they might impose for our group, as well as the possible difficult circumstances that could surround our travel arrangements at that time. All this will hopefully be clearer by the middle of July when we will announce whether it will definitely go ahead. Fingers crossed! If you would like to reserve a place please feel free to register. No payment needed until after the final decision has been made. Any monies already received will of course be reimbursed should we have to cancel.



LONDON, Open Discussion: Saturday 5 September



LONDON, Open Discussion: Saturday 3 October

UK RESIDENTIAL in Somerset: Wednesday 7 October to Sunday 11 October



LONDON, Open Discussion: Saturday 7 November

MUNICH Weekend Meetings: Friday 13 November to Sunday 15 November



LONDON, Open Discussion: Saturday 5 December