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Published in 2015, This Freedom (ISBN 978-0-9533032-4-3) is a book of essays and also dialogues from the UK and Europe.


As we move from one formula to another, we seem unable to see that freedom does not reside here or there, simply because freedom, by its very nature, cannot be excluded or exclusive. We seem not to see that as we march towards the next anticipated spiritual high, the treasure that we seek is to be discovered not in where we are going but within the simple nature of the very footsteps that we take.

Excerpt from 'This Freedom'

Looking for being is believing that it is lost. Has anything been lost, or is it simply that the looking obscures? Does the beloved always dance constantly just beyond our focus?

Excerpt from 'This Freedom'


"It was everything that he had ever read about, and nothing like anything he had ever read about." Daniel Burge


"What is communicated in this book is a precious gift, in my experience rarely expressed in such purity. It may be sensed as you read the words..." Claire Parsons


"The most succinct expression of non-duality that I've ever come across. Not a superfluous word to be found. The language has been honed down to the very essence of what Tony has been passionately communicating the past 15 years. Let these essays touch you and you can throw away your non-duality library. It is the end of the line." Philip Boerma


Published in 1995 (revised 2011), The Open Secret (ISBN 978-0-9533032-0-5) is a clear, radical and uncompromising expression of non-dualism that speaks of the fundamental liberation which is absolutely beyond effort, path, process or belief.


"I love this simple and beautiful book. Tony's descriptions of "presence" are as clear and beautiful as any I have ever read. I find myself entering deeply into that profound state just after reading a few sentences of his book." A reader from Florence, Oregon


"It is stunning ... it is so simple yet so deeply intelligent." Haydn Davies


"Leaves you silently smiling." Ida & Hans

"Unconditional Love is the fragrance of this teacher who welcomes all as a friend." Mike Reid


Published in 2003 (revised 2012), All There Is (ISBN 978-0-9533032-2-9) is a book of in-depth dialogues from meetings in the UK, Europe and USA.


"Seekers beware. Such awe-inspiring clarity leaves us with nowhere to go. For those ready to hear this is the first and last book." W. Ash, London


"Tony didn't 'give' me anything, he simply stripped me of my illusions. He stole them away like a thief in the night. So if Tony has nothing to give, why bother to read his books or attend his meetings? It's difficult to put into words but something intangible happens there. As he stripped me of my illusions, something else moved in to fill that space ... The seeker melted away and all that was left was Presence. I would call it the gift of Seeing, of rediscovering the magic of the ordinary." Dr. Jan Kersschot, author of the book, 'Coming Home'


"Revelation meets revolution ... Totally lacking any spiritual pretence, this is one of those rare books that can actually take the reader to their spiritual home. It is a revelation because, of all the spiritual books I've read, it is so simple that it truly helped me 'get it'. It is a revolution because having 'got it', life is never the same again." UK reader


Published August 2007, Nothing Being Everything (ISBN: 978-0-9533032-3-6) Dialogues from UK and Europe.

"It is this ever-present reality of there only being life ... as it is ... that Tony Parsons so directly and powerfully exposes. This is Tony's rare and unique gift ... the clear expression of a revolutionary vision fuelled by an energetic aliveness of freedom that simply can't and won't compromise. Tony is an expert marksman ... a skeet shooter of unparalleled acumen ... destroying one "yes but" clay pigeon in flight after another, leaving nowhere for the mind to go ... leaving nowhere to seek refuge from the boundlessness of simply Being." Shannon Dickson (from the preface)

"This message stands inevitably alone and apart, whenever and wherever it is communicated, and when it is really heard the fundamental and uncompromising difference is inherently recognised." Richard Harris

(Also see Worldwide Editions)
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