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Absurdity: my absence is required

The savage unrelenting fearful me

Desirous and desiring, not desired

Forever seeking what I cannot see


Being not what I can never be

Knowing not what I will never know

Greedy to reclaim the bliss of nought

Absurdity: bliss is the death of me.


Though I, of course, resist my own demise,

Yet what is seen is seen through no one’s eyes;

And what is loved is love, and only love,

And not received from any god above.


Words here are written, no one prints them out.

The bliss and sorrow rise, they are not mine.

All there is, is this. It is enough.

No one has seen this; being is divine.


Suzanne Foxton





I was
looking for that shop
where the shopkeeper would say,
“There is nothing of value in here.”
I found it and did
not leave.
The richness of not wanting
wrote these


Kabir, Love Poems from God

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