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This is unlike any other communication in that it directly and unerringly exposes the illusory sense of separation which veils oneness and illuminates the wonderful futility of seeking for that which has never been lost.

It seems that in the boundless energy that is oneness there can also arise a contracted energy which brings about apparent self-awareness. A powerful and convincing sense of self-identity seems to arise together with a belief in personal free will and choice in what is experienced as a real life story. All of these personal experiences can only apparently arise in what seems to be a very real but dualistic reality in which everything appears to be separate. This sense of separation can bring with it a sense of loss and a need to seek guidance, an understanding or a path or process that can promise fulfilment. There are attempts to seek unity which are totally futile because the separate seeker is apparently the very dualism from which it is trying to escape.

This dilemma is illuminated in this unique communication which makes no demands, has no expectations and does not cater in any way to the seeker’s need for answers, processes or a  path to follow. This uncompromising message can be both confronting and liberating.

The whole personal investment in making spiritual progress, becoming more aware, more still, more open or more anything at all can simply unravel in this radical revelation. The whole perception of “the self” or “the world” it seems to live in, can be transformed and leave nothing to support the illusion of personal separation, control and continuation.

Suddenly, the absence that was feared is the absence which is unknowable, but paradoxically is also the very fullness, the freedom that was longed for.

Excerpts from 'This Freedom'

The seeker is only ever running around in circles, and the open secret’s response can only go on confirming that, and illuminating the way it seems to happen. In the natural reality there is no real seeker, no real answer and no real time. However what can seem to happen, beyond questions and answers, is something else which is beyond words. The whole apparent contracted seeking energy sometimes seems to unravel and evaporate or collapse, but only apparently… and this is the paradox. There is no real contraction that needs to unravel or collapse. There is nothing real that needs to happen. There is no real seeker, path, liberation, better or worse, higher intelligence weaving a destiny and no real choice functioning at any level.

All that seems to happen is only an appearance; the formless form; the relative absolute; the non-dual dualism. The no thing, not becoming the everything, but already being everything. It is the real and unreal, what is and is not. It is this real and unreal paradox which totally confounds the separate self because the self can only exist in the experience of the real.

But there is something else that also wants to do it?

There is a higher self and a lower self. The higher self wants to be pure and perfect, and the lower self wants to lie in bed and drink gin! Both constructs are equally illusory. All processes and teaching appeal to the higher me and speak to it; you can be still, aware, detached, and pure. It is all an attempt to attain something. There is nothing to attain. You don’t need to attain this because it ‘is’ already. You have been rushing around looking for it but it has been there all the time.

I thought that compassion is similar. You say true compassion is for people to be liberated?

Compassion illuminates that which imprisons the apparent self. There isn’t something out there turning it on and off, it just naturally comes out of no thing. No thing naturally responds to a question, or sense of separation. People say this message is not compassionate. Helping people to become liberated is not compassion, it is complicity in the agreement to maintain an illusion . . . apparently.

But surely the no thing that is and isn’t, knows itself?

It doesn’t need to know it is and is not. It is an illusion that consciousness knows consciousness, or no thing needs to know that it is everything. No thing doesn’t need to know anything, because it already is everything. Why would it need to know that? Where would it go to stand apart and know itself?

I am not talking about a consciousness that is apart, I am talking about a consciousness that is in it.

So consciousness is another word for knowing or awareness, and these are all transient functions . . . they are in movement. They are actions that apparently happen within wholeness. Consciousness of a tree, consciousness of self, knowing the sky, knowing I am, awareness of a thought; it is wholeness appearing to be a separate knower.

Self-enquiry is based on the limitation of personal experience. The ultimate goal of self-enquiry is variously described as ‘consciousness of self’; ‘awareness of the whole’; or ‘knowing the known’. All of these states are only an appearance within the infinite. They are no thing appearing as the function of an apparent something knowing another apparent something. It is another story within oneness. It is the one appearing as two and awareness divides in order for ‘me’ to survive. The ‘me’, the ‘self’, or the ‘I’ will apparently devise any means it can to avoid what it most fears, its absence. The teaching and process of awareness, or knowing, is very attractive to ‘me’ and very effective . . . for a while. A powerful but still personal experience that can arise out of this kind of introspective activity is what is often called ‘self-realisation’. It happened when I was a seeker and it gave me a sense of being powerful and detached, all seeing, all knowing. Of course it didn’t last because it was only another function within the story.

And so here we go again with another avoidance, as with all teachings of becoming, with a functional devised state that seems obtainable but is always inevitably transient and once removed: ‘being in the moment’ or ‘knowing your own true nature’; or ‘surrendering to what is’. Even the ultimate goal of self-enquiry i.e ‘knowing the known’, is still a subtle movement . . . a story of one and another. It is all the ‘higher self’ never quite being it, simply because there is no it to be.

So as consciousness is an inconstant function within the everything, how can it be the everything? Why would everything need to know that it is everything and where would it go to know that? How can there be consciousness of no thing?

In what is is also what isn’t. This is the wonder of wholeness because it appears as both simultaneously. Everything that is something is also already no thing . . . there are not two! Everything is therefore real and unreal, but ‘me’ experiences everything as only real. Within this illusion ‘me’ attempts to transform this dualistic and unsatisfactory experience into processes such as ‘living in the moment’ or ‘being here now’ or accepting everything as ‘consciousness’. However, these are all only inconstant experiences seeking the only unobtainable constant . . . everything.

However, and again the wonderful paradox of the play of wholeness is, that the story of me is also what is. All of the dreams and hopes, processes and religious aspirations are only wholeness appearing as a separate entity rushing around looking for itself and also hiding from itself by already being everything. And in being everything, even the avoidance or rejection of what is, is what is.

So what is longed for constantly sings the only song of freedom that can never be lost or found because it is already all there is.